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Guidelines for inmate Agape letters

Purpose: To provide written encouragement, support and expression of God's love to residents attending the KAIROS weekend. Written Agape (letters) are to be written by hand and not photocopied or printed.

Requirements: Each team member must write a letter for every cancdidate. Use white envelopes and white paper for all 42 letters. No imprinted messages, logos, or designs. Do not add stickers or decorative stamps. It is recommended you bring the same pen you wrote the letters with so that when you get the list of names, and personally address the letter to the candidate, the ink matches. Team members may seal their letters.

Non team members can write any quantity they wish and we will combine them to make 42. All candicdates will receive the same number of letters.

Salutation: If you are a KAIROS team member,the greeting may include the resident's name, e.g., "Dear Brother Joe" or "Dear Joe". If you are part of the table family, be sure to greet those at your table by name. If you are not a KAIROS team member, the proper salutation is "Dear Brother in Christ" or "Dear Brother in White".

Content: Your note or letter should be short and personal. It should express God's love and encourage the recipient to explore a closer relationship with Christ. Do not include your address.

Children's agape (artwork and/or notes) is a special blessing to residents. ALL material from children is received warmly. Please include only the child's first name and age.

Envelopes: Envelopes should be plain and unsealed for those not serving on the Team. Please do not add stickers, decorative stamps or designs to the envelopes, (a team member must remove all these before they can be sent in) If you are a KAIROS team member, address the envelope with the resident's name, e.g., "Mr. Joe Jones".

Restrictions: No photocopied pages or letters. No bookmarks, printed tracts, photographs, printed pictures, poems, or songs.